The Best Restaurant in New York Is: The Williamsburg Urban Outfitters

Rich: The Gorbals is located in a place on North Six called "Space Ninety 8." Outside, Space Ninety 8 has a list of all of its constituent businesses: Urban Outfitters, the Gorbals, Roof Deck, Gallery 98, and the Market Space. But do not be fooled: This is a giant, three floor Urban Outfitters with, like, some… » 8/08/14 9:00am 8/08/14 9:00am

Taylor Swift Handed a Girl $90 Out of Her Purse to Go to Chipotle

The slightly-dotty-but-kind grandmother who inhabits the lithe, nubile body of 24-year-old Taylor Swift is up to her old tricks again. What's she gone and done now? Pulled $90 out of her pocketbook and given it to a stranger who didn't even ask for it, is all. Thanks for the money, Nana. Got any peppermints? » 8/04/14 6:13pm 8/04/14 6:13pm

I Am Terrified of Reese Witherspoon and a Little Bit in Love with Her

When did Reese Witherspoon become America's sweetheart? Was it when the nation flocked to see her starring turn in Legally Blonde, a few months before 9/11? Was it when she accepted the Oscar from pretend Ray Charles for being the best pretend June Carter Cash anyone could ever remember, in March of 2006? » 8/01/14 9:00am 8/01/14 9:00am

Thatz Not Okay: Should You Blow-Dry Your Pubes at the Gym?

I was in the locker room at my gym today and I saw a woman blow-drying her pubic hair with the communal hair dryers. She was trying to be surreptitious about it, but I totally saw her and I was totally grossed out. In the end I didn't say anything to her, but I'm wondering if I should have. Blow-drying your pubes with… » 7/24/14 1:00pm 7/24/14 1:00pm

It's Time for England to Ask: Should Prince George Step Down?

Prince George, heir to the British throne, turned one human year old on Tuesday. An occasion for celebration, perhaps, and yet we find ourselves troubled: If one thing has become clear over the last year, it is that George Alexander Louis of Cambridge is far from ready to serve as the solemn figurehead of a… » 7/22/14 6:30pm 7/22/14 6:30pm

My 14-Hour Search for the End of TGI Friday's Endless Appetizers

What if I told you that mozzarella sticks never had to end? That for $10, you could eat for free (for $10) for the rest of your natural life? That there exists a spot in the space-time continuum in which it is always Friday? That there are free refills on all Slushes™ excluding Red Bull® branded items?… » 7/18/14 9:05am 7/18/14 9:05am

Taylor Swift Complains About Shit-Ass Garden in Wall Street Journal

Taylor Swift's essay for the Wall Street Journal's 125th anniversary issue has just gone up online, and never has the haunting chorus of Swift's runaway 2009 hit "You Belong With Me"— » 7/07/14 7:15pm 7/07/14 7:15pm

The Best Restaurant in New York Is: Tommy Bahama

Caity: The #1 reason I don't drink at restaurants is that there is never anything on the menu I particularly want to drink. But the Tommy Bahama drink menu was designed by an alcoholic child—nothing BUT drinks I want to drink. So I pitched a special all-drinking edition of "The Best Restaurant in New York" to our… » 7/03/14 1:00pm 7/03/14 1:00pm

We're Offering $2,500 for Screencaps of ★NSYNC's Multi-Year Group Text

On Tuesday, Gawker received an email sent on behalf of an elderly vlogger named Larry King, touting his recent interview with former boybander Lance Bass. Most of the chat revolved around topics related to Bass' sexuality and his space advocacy, but buried about halfway through the interview was this exchange: » 6/19/14 2:10pm 6/19/14 2:10pm