Gawker Heroes: The Beyoncé Selfie Perfect Teen

The Oxford English Dictionary defines "hero (n.)" as "The Beyoncé Selfie Perfect Teen." That is convenient for our purposes, as our mission today is to persuade the world that the Beyoncé Selfie Perfect Teen is a hero worthy of veneration and esteem. It feels like overkill to make the hero case for the Beyoncé Selfie… »12/28/13 9:39pm12/28/13 9:39pm

Here Is the Worst Gay Anthem You Will Ever Hear [UPDATE]

I can't even know what to say about the video for "Like a Rainbow" from Jersey's Carishma (pronounced like Liza Minnelli saying "charisma"). It makes "Born This Way" sound subtle, like early James Baldwin. It makes the Sex and the City style handbagging of gay men seem like ascending to a Louis Vuitton-upholstered… »6/26/13 5:03pm6/26/13 5:03pm